In August 1993, an historic occasion occurred, in that all the residents of Southport had come together for the first time in over a hundred years for a public meeting.

The meeting resolved to request that a communal bore and tank be erected in the township. A letter to be written to the Minister responsible for the then Power and Water Authority requesting that power be supplied to the town as soon as possible. The meeting moved to form a Southport Progress Association. Land size was discussed and many at the meeting did not want 5 acre blocks. (George Goyder's party surveyed Southport in 1869, mostly being 1/2 acre blocks, some smaller blocks were established for stores etc.).

A couple of meetings were held during 1994, with many meetings held in 1995. Final draft of S.P.A. constitution was completed March, 1995 and Southport Progress Association was finally incorporated on the 13th of June, 1995.

The first block to have mains power was connected on the 16th of November, 1994.

Southport Community Bore was officially opened the 6th of April, 1997.

Since the commencement of Southport Progress Association all Committee members, past and present, have been endeavouring to acquire Mira Square from the Government to provide a Community Centre / Museum / Sports Area etc. for community use and we are still battling. Due to change of Government 2012, with no final results from the previous Government, we now have to "start all over again".

S.P.A. have also spent time chasing Government to have the two heritage blocks made presentable, along with the cemetery. An ongoing event.

At present the Community Bore site has two bores, three outlets (one not finished), along with three water carts for use by members.

Like all volunteer organisations at times the Committee have a challenge to get the interest of some of the Towns folk, but we keep trying.